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Working in the field of Radiology AI

DeepTeK DeepTek Medical Imaging Pvt. Ltd.

Is A Pune-based company working in the field of Radiology AI. Servicing about 50+ hospitals and imaging centers across India, APAC, and Japan region with our innovative offerings. DeepTek's AI solution is already being used by the Indian government to screen Tuberculosis patients in Chennai city. Assisted and augmented' (AaA) imaging focused algorithmic tools`` for Radiographs, CT Scan and MRI. Team Profile –
• Dr.Amit Kharat
• Mr.Ajit Patil
• Aniruddha Pant Achievements and Awards-
Annual revenue -$243k funded by GHV Accelerator, Pentathlon Ventures, NIT DATA -Japan, Ango Ventures Jakarta, Indonesia

Content Delivery Express(CDX)

IME Education

Content Delivery express for quick creation of e-content using Technology Education. Through in house developed model of Content Delivery Express(CDX) that worked to through the pandemic to create video content for 200+ colleges in the short span of 60 days for use in the curriculum.
Team Profile –
• Mr.Shrirang Godbole (B.E.electrical)
• Mr.Amit Patwardhan(B.E.Mech)
• Mr.Hrishikesh Deshpande(MBA Marketing) Achievements and Awards-
Bagged business of 2.5Cr in last 3 months since inception.

App-based courses

Words Maya

Incubated at CIIE in 2019 free app-based courses for communication skills and Interview preparation Education
Team Profile –
• Harshad Bhagwat,
• Sandeep G Khode Achievements –
Angle Fund Rs.75Lacs, Incubation park IIM-C funded Rs.25Lacs recipient of Young Achievers award – YIN

Phyto-nanomedicine drug

Nuimance Phytovigyan pvt ltd.

Cost effective phyto-nanomedicine drug for anti-neutropenia and anti-cancer 1 Wellness / health. Develop over the counter (OTC) product to reduce side effects of cancer treatment and improve quality of life
Team Profile –
• Mr.Prem Pandey
• Supriya Chaturvedi
• Dr.Shriram Inamdar Achievements –
IIM Kolkata Converge 2.0 first runner-up, IIT Kharagpur Million at Stake 2020 runner-up

AI/VR Customer experience

Cognilements Research and Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Linking your business aspirations to tech-based S.M.A.R.T. activities AI/VR Customer experience.
Offering customer experience as an enterprise strategy to address the gap between product offerings and customer engagement.
Team Profile –
• Mr.Samudhragupta Talukdar
• Mr.Akshay Kochikar
• Ms.Jinal Kaneria
Achievements –
Rs.40 Lac – Angel Funding


Wontoss Autombile Pvt. Ltd.

Best focused on the E-Vehicles & Hybrid Electric Vehicles & Electrical Mobility.
Team Profile –
Mr.Chandraprakash Mardhekar Achievements –
Authorized share capital is Rs. 1,000,000 and its paid up capital is Rs. 100,000. It is involved in Business activities

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT)

Einnovation Technologies Pvt Ltd

A leading solution provider of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) communication solutions that remotely track, monitor, control fixed and mobile assets.
Team Profile –
Mr.Chakradhar Borkute

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Trash-to-Cash (very early stage) Scrap man Pvt ltd

Recycling of metal waste and scrap Conservation-Trash-to-Cash will provide you stationery in return for paper waste, also we will maintain and segregate the paper waste generated on campus from time to time by our rag pickers. This will maintain the elegance and hygiene at your campus. The pickup and delivery services will be provided by us time to time without any charges Team –
• Mr.Omkar Dahiwal
• Mr.Sujit Mangrulkar
• Anurag Lambor Achievements –
Runner-up in the i-2-e competition organized by Savitribai Phule Pune
University, Centre for Innovation, Incubation & Enterprise & allotted 50,000 rupees as a reward.
Rewarded working capital from Navayuvak Entrpreneur

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HSPM Solutions

HSPM Solutions is a mobile marketplace in form of a Mobile Application currently available on Google Play Store. User can download the application and after registering themselves on the application they can avail the services. The model is completely based on web so it saves time as well as security is not compromised as technician can be tracked as well as accurate client location is also known which helps in safeguarding both clients and employees. Team - Mr.Himanshu Saraf

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Saushmo-solar cooking system

Solar cooking system designed name as Saushmo- the Ultimate solar cooker, focusing mainly for household cooking purpose. which remove almost all constraints in traditional solar cooker (like only day time cooking, not all Indian cooking processes and many others.) Use sand for thermal storage medium comparably reduce the cost of the product as ‘Energy storage’ is main constraint in other solar cooking system. Team - Mr.Suraj Gadekar

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Solar Tricycle for differently able person

Low cost Mobility & Livelihood Solution for Differently abled People.
As a product “Solar Tricycle” will be used by physically challenged people, by this way it can be actually used for a social cause by many of the charities & organizations. In this case we can approach towards this type of organizations, making them as our customers. Still now our products are limited for using fuel as solar energy, whereas this
energy is freely available in plenty in the nature. So comparatively we will be able to take advantage of uniqueness of our products and sell them at a glance. Team -Ms.Atharv Raut

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Felixo Travel Gear Pvt. Ltd

Rental trend is fast growing everywhere like OLA / UBER – TAXI,AIR bnb – Space, Zoom Car- Self Driving/ E vehicle ,TWIC - Bicycle rent, Rent Attire – Clothing etc. It will provide services like rent a bag , easy online booking, doorstep pick & drop, travel in style.
Team –
Mr.Jayesh Patil

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Offinex provides a B2B e-procurement platform to corporates in India with a mission to simplify B2B buying experience & improve productivity for any size of business. It is the one window platform that caters to every office’s needs ranging from the Office Supplies, Cleaning and Janitorial, Facility Supplies, Break room Supplies, Office Technology, Ink and Toner, Healthcare Supplies, Paper, and corporate gifts. empowers you with the easy, hassle-free choice to accessorize your office with the basic office supplies to the premier office accessories online. It offers you the widest, in-vogue range of office products at a competitive price and purchase on contract options amongst other value. transforming Business challenges… With years of experience in the Indian B2B segment, Offinex noticed gaps in the office needs procurement space & launched, multi-level vendor management of its kind in enabling B2B eCommerce, which offers one of the biggest range of products & services needed on a routine basis for any size business in India.
Team – Mr.Sumit Autade

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Our Idea is to replace emission of untreated exhaust gases from Engines, Automobiles Diesel Generators & its derived machineries used in industries with a separator, absorbing carbon molecules from the exhaust, to a carbon free emission & storing it in a reservoir.
It reduces adverse health effects due to air pollution and create employment opportunities for skilled and unskilled labor. It is able to capture maximum carbon content and prevent it from adding to the atmosphere; ultimately air pollution reduction & preventing climate change. Team Profile –
Ronak Mistry
Gautami Chati
CSR Grant From Dana India (DITC) for technology development
Patent Application grant from SPPU
Sustainable Mobility (1st Prize) SIAT 2021 & (2nd Prize) SIAT 2019, ARAI (Awarded by Hon.Nitin Gadkari)
Cleanathon i-TIC 2021 (IIT Hyderabad) (1st Prize)
Youth Co:Lab 2020 (UNDP) (Amongst National Top 30- Environmental Impact)
i2i Environmental Category 2019 (1st Prize)
Chemtech Expo 2019 (1st Prize - Best Paper)
BAJA SAE India (January 2019) Mahindra, Indore (2nd Rank in Go-Green)
Stanford Seed Spark ProgramYouth Co:lab 2021
Climate Launchpad participant of Health Ministry of Maharashtra

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Aivat Consumer Pvt Ltd

Brief Profile –
The company produces cosmetic for kid segment in the age group of 3-18 years that are 100% natural and safe products for age segment 3-18 years and eventually target other groups.
Team Profile –
Vaidehi Kale- Founder and Director
DR. Vijay Gadgil- Co-Founder and Director

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Bring Back Life Pvt Ltd

Brief Profile –
‘Social Index’ is a unique platform for Individuals and Corporates to showcase their ‘Social Engagement Activities’. Team Profile –
1) Dattatray Dhobale, Founder Director,

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Brief Profile –
The company has developed a platform for financial access and literacy to Generation Z and providing easy loan to students doing their professional coaching
Website Media Mentioned etc. – Team Profile –
Shivaji Kale, Cofounder
Somesh Modgekar, Sales
Mukesh Shinkar, Technology

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Purple Pyramid retailers LLP

Brief Profile –
The company is a B2C e-commerce platform focusing on local unique products to be sold & delivered pan-India as well as internationally in 25 plus countries.
Team Profile –
Shriram Rahalkar – Co-Founder
Renuka Rahalkar – Co-Founder

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Anandghana Agro Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

Brief Profile –
The company Works on three domains (Dietary supplements for children with Malnutrition, Military foods, and pregnant women). ANANDGHANA INDUSTRIES has developed a new technology of dehydration of Fruits, Vegetables, leaves & sprouted grains. The Products are 100% Natural and Pure, residues & bacteria free, No Chemicals or Preservatives or added Colors. Team Profile –
Mr. G. R. Kadam, Managing Director
Anandghana Industries (GTS) had honored *Aspire brands to watch 2019 award* in food processing & wellness category

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WeWake IndiGreen Pvt. Ltd

Brief Profile –
The company has developed Biobased Biodegradable Advanced Material (BioMANS) from potential agro-waste after harvesting of crop. This material can be used to produce single use plastic products in the manufacturing field of food packaging industry, stationary manufacturers, medical & health care sectors & disposable cutlery producers. The material can resolve the two major problem i.e., Single use Plastic Pollution & Agro-waste disposal.
USP of BioMANS is as follows:
1. BioMANS made up of 100% bio-based agro-waste material.
2. 100% cold compostable.
3. Biodegradable in 21-30 days & will get converted into simple biomass, water & carbon-di-oxide.
4. If we want to recycle it, it is 100% recyclable.
5. Reducing the carbon footprint on the environment.
6. New Process Development for the Novel Material.
7. Enriching the soil quality.
This developed material will be the best alternative for replacement of single use plastic products currently available in the market. Consumers choose BIO-MANS over others because it is eco friendly. No adulteration of oil-based plastic & food supplements were used during the production. They will rejuvenate the single use plastic industries by providing sustainable solution in the form of raw material as BioMANS. 1. Dr. Aniruddha Deshpande (CEO)
2. Ms. Samruddhi Khire (CMO)
3. Ms. Neelam Bhayre (CIO),
In February 2021, the company received Rs. 3,00,000/- from MoE, AICTE (Delhi)
1. Accomplished 1st rank in ABHIKALP Competition organized by DIC-SPPU, Pune (2019)
2. Selected in Top 10 PoC's in National level boot camp and Exhibition organized by MoE's Innovation Cell, AICTE (2019).
3. Selected as one of the startups among 5 other startups from India for Canada India Acceleration .Program organized by Canada India joint collaboration and had participated in the event held at Ottawa, Canada (2020).
4. Accomplished 3rd rank in Elevator pitch series by Assocham Launchpad startup program at regional level Indore(2019)

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Habbinson International

Brief Profile –
Habbinson International is an Ed-Tech company founded by the personality trainers of the Indian Defence Forces, child psychologies, and professional teachers from all over the world with the sole aim of transforming the world by transforming the perception of the youth and teaching them to lead a lifestyle which ensures thorough development of mind, body,, and spirit.
Website Media Mentioned etc. – Adnan Siddiqui,Founder & CEO

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KITS smarts Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Brief Profile –
This company produces Assistive e-Ambulance with Healthcare Products and is engaged in Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering (NSE).
It also produces Ventilator -- that is a low cost solution and Wireless Patient Monitoring System
Website :
Team Profile –
Kajal Prakash Rajvaidya
Sangeeta manoj chopde
Vaishali Sandeep chopde

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Brief Profile –
FirebirdVR is India's leading VR AR companies. The company has been involved in building a mixed reality, immersive and interactive learning and collaboration platform called GuruVR, enabling next generation learning and skilling acceleration.
Team Profile –
Akshay Rathod
Dayanand Kamble
Maharashtra State Innovation – Top 100 startups Award , Agu 2021
Department of Telecommunications - Top 100 startups Award , May2021
Department of Industry Policy & Promotion Ministry of Commerce & Industry Government of India – DIPP Recognized Startup APR 2018
Silicon India Virtual Reality Solution Providers – Top 20 promising VR AR Startups 2018.

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Saphite Technologies Private Limited

Brief Profile –
A Platform where anyone can find perfect Photographers for them, while Professional as well as Local Photographers can register to get paid work
website :
Team Profile –
Rajat Singh
Shreeraj Mane

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Brief Profile –
AI based skills assessment platform to identify the right skilled candidates. Team Profile –
Mr. Kshitij Deshmukh

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“Reimagining waste for good” — Ashaya

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GSE Hiring Pvt. Ltd.

Brief Profile: GSE Hiring is a new-age, enterprise-ready training recruitment platform. GSE Hiring help companies to find the well-trained and pre-vetted talent automatically and save time and resources by min. 75%.
Maturity Stage: Growth Stage
Awards: Best Industrial Partner, VU
1. Rohit Shah
2. Shivika Agarwal
Funding Raised: $ 40,000

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Pakshimitra Poultry Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Brief Profile: Pakshimitra has main focus on poultry farm waste management, and have developed 4 stage plan to make poultry farming sustainable and NET ZERO. Also, working on creating automation & IoT-based solutions for brooding management and handling, focusing on welfare-engineering.
Maturity Stage: Early Stage
• Ranked in the Top 20 innovative MSME by ET Rise 2020 ( )
• Winner-Sustainability in Maharashtra Startup Week’2021 (!/ecosystem-startup-list/2021)
• 2nd Runner up - MOST Innovative AgTech (Emerging Startup): FICCI 4th Edition of AgriTech Awards. Founder: Mr. Shankar Babaji Jagdale

Reach us at
Reasearch Park Foundation +91 8888888888
Pune University, Pune-411007