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Topic Date Faculty Outcome
Problem Identification (Boot Camp) 24th Feb 2021 Kaustav Majumdar Guidance on problem identification
Finance & Costing (Boot Camp) 25th Feb 2021 Geeta Tolia Participants learned about the basic financial aspects & costing required for starting a business
Business Plan (Boot Camp) 26th Feb 2021 Prajakta Shetye Knowledge gained on developing a business plan on paper
Common mistakes Founders make 8th May 2021 Prof.Shiva Subramanium At initial stage what are the mistakes to be avoided
Prioritizing Time, KPI's & Goals, Finding the right co-founders 14/15th May 2021 Kaustav Majumdar Basic on evaluating the skills of partner
Finding cofounder 14 & 15th May 2021 Kunal Sarpal Basic on evaluating the skills of partner
Building Financial Readiness 21st May 2021 Prajakta Shetye-Deo Learned all financial aspects of required for starting a business
Minimum viable product 25th May 2021 Prajakta Shetye-Deo
Customer Discovery 26th May 2021 Shiva Subramanium Participants learned about Knowing their customer
Legal Aspects in startup 28th May 2021 Kunal Sarpal Knowledge on legal part while starting a business
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) 29th May 2021 Kunal Sarpal Knowledge about IPR, Patent, trademark & copyrights
Early stage investment 29th May 2021 Sudhir Kadam Guidance about the investment of money at starting phase
Go to Market 2 & 3rd July 2021 Marketing strategy
Product launch & Pitch story 9th &10th July 2021 Strategies for product launch
Value proposition 11th Dec 2021 Deepak Karnajikar Guidance about the value proposition for start ups
Costing 22nd Jan 2022 Geeta Tolia Basics of cost structures & business verticals
Financial Projection 22nd Jan 2022 Priya Agashe Learning on Financial projections required at initial stage.
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